Cluster slide


When we were planning Cluster Slide review, originally thought that this was a little preposterous, but when you find out just how well this very unique feature adds to the whole game, you’ll quickly want to continue coming back, no mater what… If you are thinking why the playing field in this futuristic casino game is tilted, then there’s a good reason: it’s all based on the world of Jellyton. In case you missed it in the review, here’s the scoop on how this game adds another dimension to playing video games: the ability to play against a live opponent. No more mouse clicks and keyboard strokes, just click and view your next shot in-game as soon as it is available.

When you first glance at the screen, you’ll likely be taken back by the random layout of the play buttons and icons, with only the center “L” and the left and right arrows being able to point you towards the next cluster slide. You’ll have to use the mouse to drag any group of icons to their designated places on the grid, then use the left and right arrows to start and stop the slide. The basic aim of this action is to try and make as many targets as possible within a certain time period (ten seconds is the usual timeframe). Some of these clusters will be more difficult than others, so plan your strategy accordingly. As you progress through the levels, more symbols will appear and these represent the various slots, games and other outcomes you can earn after winning.

made a few successful tries, you will notice a great difference in the speed at which the snowflakes fall to the ground and this is because this is an example of a highly addictive feature of Cluster Slide that makes it one of the most exciting online slots currently available. The excellent physics system that makes the snowflake fall to the ground is also highly optimized, so it makes for a great gaming experience. In short, this is definitely one of the best online slots out there, especially with the free trial available!