Katmandu gold


One of the most popular electronic slot games on the internet is Katmandu Gold. It is one of the many variations on the jackpot slot game that can be played online. In this version, jackpots can reach as high as a whopping $10k in some instances. The best part about this particular slot machine game is the fact that in order to get the big jackpots, one usually has to win the majority of spins or the game will be immediately ended.

One way that players of Katmandu Gold benefit from playing this casino game online is through the bonus game feature. In the bonus game feature of the Katmandu Gold, players have a chance to earn up to two free spins every time they play the game. This means that there is always a chance for you to get your hands on a huge amount of bonus money. If you play the bonus game feature wisely, then it is possible for you to earn more than what you could from winning just one single spin. As a matter of fact, the more wins you have, the more you can earn from this bonus game feature.

Another great way to maximize your earnings through the Katmandu Gold slot machine is through the double bonus feature. In the normal mode, a player would only be able to earn one bonus spin while in the double bonus mode, a player is given two free spins. With these two free spins, you would have the advantage of getting a third bonus symbol in normal mode and double the amount of symbol drops in the double bonus mode. This means that you have the potential to earn two free spins in normal mode and double the amount of spins in the double mode. Therefore, it is possible to earn more than twice the value of what you could have earned in normal mode.