Miss wildfire


Miss Wildfire is not really a gaming character but a nickname given to a computer generated character, sometimes referred to as a “farmingbot”. Miss Wildfire is an animated walking crazy flaming walking wild who walks directly to the left as the reels start reeling. All Reels on her path are set on Wildfire, become wild and set on fire. Finally, she exists in the shape of a Super Miss Wildfire icon that keeps all other unlit Logs stuck through the rest of the reel.

The reason why this robot stands out from all other robots is because she is the first one ever to be able to fully program her mind to go into eternity alone. When she does, all the other robots are stuck in their respective reels except for the alchemist, who has full access to his own code. With the help of the alchemist, Miss Wildfire can program herself into any state she wants to be in and travel through time and space. With the help of the alchemist, Miss Wildfire gets the opportunity to find the missing piece of the Star Ruby, the gemstone that is capable of changing time.

In the third act of the game, after you have found the Star Ruby, Miss Wildfire must defeat the dragon who resides within the stone in order for you to complete the third act. The dragon is after the gemstone so that he may use it to take over the world by unleashing the fiery flames that burns everything to ashes and prevents the humans from ever experiencing the happiness they deserve. With the help of the alchemist, Miss Wildfire manages to defeat the dragon. Once you’ve completed the game, you get the chance to see what happens to Miss Wildfire’s lifeless body when you burn the Witch’s Tower. Although it’s one of the shortest games in the franchise, The Wizard of Oz is still a fun game.